Detailed Stock Control for Uniwell POS Systems

Uniwell Lynx POS management software for Brisbane and regional Queensland venues

In addition to its POS programming and detailed sales reporting, Uniwell Lynx has a series of optional modules available that can add powerful stock control facilities to your Uniwell POS system.

Stock Control module:

  • Simple (1 for 1) inventory control
  • Record stock received from Suppliers
  • Sales data retrieved from POS terminals deducts from stock
  • Comprehensive stocktake and stock valuation facility
  • Purchase orders can be generated and emailed to Suppliers directly, including the supplier’s internal item codes
  • Reorder and recommended levels can be set for items, generating purchase order suggestions
  • Powerful stock reporting – including Movement, Coverage and Summary reports
  • Schedule automated email or cloud export of critical stock control reports to key staff
  • Integrates with selected Portable Data Terminals for remote stocktaking and other stock control facilities
Uniwell Stock Control Reports
Stock Movement Report (click to view)
Advanced Uniwell Lynx Stock Control reporting
Stock Coverage (click to view)







Linked Items module:

  • Bulk stock handling – where primary stock items can be split into multiple portions for individual sale
    • Examples – beer kegs can have multiple portions deducted based on glass size, or packaged beer can be stocked in bulk and sold as a single, six pack etc.
  • Recipe control – where multiple components (or portions thereof) can be ‘linked’ to a saleable item
    • Example – mixers and cocktail recipes can be created, allowing detailed control of component items
Uniwell Lynx Recipe Control
Sample Linked Items (click to view)

Multi-Locations module:

  • Divide your operation into multiple locations from a stock control point of view, each with their own inventory
  • POS terminals setup within Uniwell Lynx are assigned a Location to extract stock from
  • Stock can be tranferred easily between Locations
Advanced Uniwell Lynx Stock Control reporting
Summary Report (click to view)


The developers of Uniwell Lynx have over 30 years experience in producing POS-integrated stock control solutions for Australian  hospitality environments. 

Bizstar can help you get the most out of your Uniwell Lynx software, ensuring that you benefit from the management, analysis and promotional features it contains

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