Benefits of ROM Based Business Solution

Uniwell EPOS Systems v PC Based

PC Based


Uniwell EPOS

PC Based


  • Designed for Point-of-Sale Use
  1. Mission critical
  2. Wider visual angle
  3. Clearer contrast


  • Some still office based design

Product life

  • Ecologically designed long
  • product life (Average of 10 years of life expectancy)


  • PC Hardware changes/dates

Rapidly New hardware purchase is often forced by operating system changes. E.g. Windows XP/WIN7/WIN8 etc.

(Frequent discontinuance of supplying service parts and the average of 2~3 years hardware product life)



  • Simple to support & Maintain
  • No evidential proof to determine the party to support customer's problems due to the extensive involvement of 3rd party vendors



  • Solid state memories
  • No HDD or moving parts
  • No reliance on server
  • No loss of data if EPOS terminal turned off during mid sale
  • Fanless


  • HDD susceptible to knocks
  • Single point of failure server
  • Possible loss of data if turned off during mid sale
  • Fan stops, everything gets HOT! System fails.



  • No danger of virus attack or hacking
  • No risk of leakage of operational information


  • Danger of virus or hacking due to the open communication
  • Constant danger of informational leakage due to the easy access to portable memory saver such as USB, Flash, etc.


Operating system


  • Proprietary operating system
  • Transparent to reseller / user
  • Instant ON
  • Restriction of employee's  behaviour through the closed ROM based operation and the protection for the business related operational information from employees
  • Stability of the software and fundamental programs



  • DOS or Windows operating system
  • Specialist skills required
  • Operating system takes time to boot
  • Less complicated access to the
  • operational information by employees and no control over their immoral behaviours due to the pre-learned PC knowledge
  • Frequent necessity to install new software with new PC application and renewal of hardware if needed.



  • System performance does not
  • degrade with increased # of
  • transactions


  • System performance may degrade with increased # of transactions with the limited availability and need-time consuming defrag process.